[] About Us []
The Brand Fartbox Clothing (FBX) was first established in the Summer of 2001 in a town called La Puente. It was amongst friends that had this phrase they used around each other. The name started with the original pack that consisted of Ant, Larry, Dounut, Elroy, Frank and "Q". Q decided to make simple shirts that had the name FartboX on them just for his crew.
They would go out to club events, spend time on the dirt roads with our quads or dirt bikes, take the boat out on the lake or even just hang out in the yard drinking a beer and having fun.
Soon after more friends wanted to see more. At that point he figured to add pictures on the shirts other than just putting the name on them. When doing so, that's when the clothing line really took off.

When adding catch phrases as the 'Together as one' tee, he incorporated a lot of what was going on in Q's life. The toys he played with on the dunes, the gogo's he partied with in the club, the DJ friends he knew and the life he was living brought that together.

He now works with LMFAO (Party Rock) as the Hype Man Dancer. He's on the road constantly and want to share what I've been experiencing with friends and people in the city. So what he is sharing is a part of his life, not only my for friends but for all the fans as well.

Thank you for reading the history of FartboX. With FBX Clothing, we have a purpose. And we want to live through the clothing and show our life experiences and journeys to everyone that wants to see!!